About Shannen:

Shannen Roberts is a Peruvian-American and queer 500 hour yoga instructor certified through YogaWorks and is Trauma Informed. Since 2012 she’s taught at gyms, studios, eating disorder clinics and privately. In her free time, she plays music and is the founding editor of alternative self-help blog The Strange is Beautiful.



Style of Teaching:


Self-massage, meditation, pranayama (breath work), philosophy and the physical practice of yoga are combined to meet the needs and goals of her students. Known to focus on form, she offers many creative variations to prevent injuries and provide comfort.



“Thank you for making me feel better and telling us about the
different variations to the move to help supplement or just for a better feel.”
- Jessica C. Baca

Expect a mix of Iyengar, restorative and vinyasa flow. Props such as straps, blankets, bolsters, and blocks as well as tennis balls, chairs and towels are used in her classes.


Experience relieving injuries and bodily ailments ranges from chronic issues such as acid reflux, arthritis and IBS to injuries to the fingers, wrists, neck, hips, knees and spine as well as tennis elbow and sciatica.

From yoga and four years as an editor for a mental health blog, she is very knowledgable with yoga for mind obstacles such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.


“I deal with daily anxiety and often have anxiety attacks. This video was wonderful in giving me new ideas on how to help during these times.” 
– Jennifer Chretien
  (YouTube commenter on “Yoga for Panic Attacks”)


Why Shannen Started Yoga:

yoga pose
Originally, she started yoga after struggling with depression and anxiety and following multiple ballet injuries – after 15 years of dancing – that caused her to leave ballet.

Today, she continues the practice of yoga to maintain and strengthen her body and mind based on how it feels each day. She strives to help others heal and find peace within themselves. Learn more in her biography here.

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