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Physical Pain affects Mental Health

Injuries, pains, and aches can bring your spirits down. I’ve definitely been facing that obstacle currently.

Because of financial debt, I’ve had to take on another part time job besides teaching yoga.

I work at Chipotle. I stand for 20 hours a week, and talk there 20 hours a week.

I also teach 3-5 classes per week. And vocalize for an hour everyday, and a voice lesson once a week. Oh, and sometimes I play shows or have band practices.

So in total, I talk 30-40 hours a week. My vocal chords are extremely inflamed. I lose my voice by 7pm.

I now understand why people who stand all day at work like to just veg out, watch tv, or sleep after their shift.

My body hurts. But my spine is taking most of the toll.

It’s very hard to have motivation to workout and do yoga when you are in chronic pain.

Pain is debilitating, and it’s affecting my desire to be workout, because
1. I fear lifting weights will pull on my injured neck and make my spine hurt more before/after work
2. It’s discouraging to get on my mat and not be as flexible because standing all day tightens my muscles
3. My physical pain makes me feel sad. Not good. Not happy.

So today, my intention is to push my mind to workout. This is just a deadly cycle. I KNOW working out, moving my muscles, lubricating my joints WILL make me feel better, it’s just, getting myself to actually do it after work when I am tired is the struggle.

The struggle is real. But I’m pushing through. Stay positive everyone. :)